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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sprained ankle... Blessed heart!

You know what stinks?..............Stepping out of your storage building and spraining your ankle. With two small children caring for them with a sprained ankle is impossible. We were headed to the swimming pool for a leisurely swim and I went to the storage building to get Sarah some water wing floaties. When I stepped out of the storage building there was a hole and well you guessed it, my foot found it and my ankle couldn't take it so....wham I hit the ground writhing in pain. So much for here I am rolling on the ground and my sweet husband runs to my aid. You see he sprained his ankle the day before we this pain is fresh in his memory. That was almost a month ago...he is still recovering from his sprain. He knows to let me lay there until the initial pains subsides. Then in his sweet caring concerned voice he says lets get you inside and get some ice on that, it is already swelling. He is a gem! At this point I am still on the ground patiently telling Sarah to get off mommy's tummy and fighting off the ants that have now claimed me as there new log playground. Ok getting up with a sprain ankle when you are a large woman is no easy feat. So Bryan patiently stands there waiting as I am figuring how to get my wazoo off the ground and not hurt myself more in the process. Well I wound up scoonching up the stairs and crawling inside to the couch where I now reside. Thanks to grandparents that live close enough to come to our rescue and glean the children for a few days so I can recover. They are awesome! I do miss my babies. I don't like getting a break from them under these circumstances. It is really not a break it is a forced separation. But we will all make it through and they love going to Pepaw and Kay Kay's house. So now Bryan is so sweetly waiting on me hand and foot...I don't like it (well sorta) but...I have no choice. This is really no fun having a injured limb. Take care of those things all you mom's out there! Thanks for listening to me reveal the last hour and a half of our day. Thanks to a wonderful husband willing to help me out. Love you Babe!


Heather said...

OH, I am so sorry you got hurt! How are you feeling today?

tishmommyof3 said...

Awwwww I am so sorry, but enjoy the break :)