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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I have sewed!

I got my sewing area set up and ready to go. I got some shorts made for myself and got Sarah some capri's made for the fourth weekend! I plan on taking some pictures of our family in our cliche outfits... as I bought all of us cheapo matching shirts to wear. We will be so corny and cute all at the same time :). Be waiting for that picture!

By the way getting my sewing area did turn into cleaning my bedroom just as I expected but thank goodness it didn't take long to get it all done. Now we can sleep better in a clean room and Mom is happy she can sew! I love to be rewarded by something I made. I also like being a weekend warrior seamstress because I am allowed to have crooked seams LOL!

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Heather said...

WooHoo!!! And the shorts were cute...can't wait to see the picture of the red, white, and blue family!!!

I am loving the blog list...I am going to have to figure out how you did it that way!!