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Monday, February 2, 2009

The Heart of God

Trust the Heart of God....

Have you ever stopped and really thought about that statement? We hear all the time to never trust your heart because it is deceitful. The bible says the heart is wicked and who can know it. Our efforts to serve others unselfishly can still be tainted with wrong motives as pure as we try to keep it. We do have wicked hearts and they are tainted with humaness or sinfulness. Those of us that are believers are no longer bound by our sin but yet we still struggle with it daily. So my point is we are tainted, redeemed saints.

But God His just His nature is pure and upright. Never could His motive be wrong or tainted with sinfully selfish desires. He always knows what He is doing, even though we might feel as though we are standing in the middle of a tornado watching the world swirl around us trying to keep up with the spinning and keep our eyes on the light above. There is never anything that happens to us that has not been sent straight from the heart of God. The heart of God...girls we can trust the heart of God and that He has every plan worked out for our growth and benefit.