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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Not feeling inspired

...I want to sew... but I know when I go in there to get my sewing machine prepared for the task ahead, it will turn into cleaning my bedroom instead of sewing. I am ready to finally have my house in the order that I want it. As I look around the living room and kitchen I still see about eight totes that need unpacking. Plus "homeless" items all around. They need a home but where do you put them. I need Allison Hoopes help in getting this place organized. HELP! I guess it just slowly gets done over time. I guess now that the kids are both sleeping YEAH! I will go in there and attempt to get some kind of order to my sewing area so that maybe tomorrow during nap time I can get some real sewing done. I guess if the room needs cleaning I will do that also. Can't cook in a dirty kitchen...can't sew in a dirty room! I know this has not been a real inspiring post but thanks for listening..or reading anyway!



MamaJ said...

Ha! I know the feeling! I still have so many totes waiting to be unpacked from moving into this house. My sewing machine is getting ancy, waiting on me to finish making all the new curtains! Ugh....

tishmommyof3 said...

I can't cook in a dirty kitchen either.......hmmmmm it is amazing we ever eat hehehehehe