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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First Exam

I have my first exam tomorrow in spanish and I would like to ask you ladies to pray for me. For whatever reason I feel very unprepared for this exam and don't know if I will pass it or not. I have studied all I know how I just hope it all sticks. Thanks for your prayers. Talk to you soon.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Latest Update

I talked to Kathryn Alvis today...I think she wouldn't mind you girls knowing and praying for their situation. The day that they evacuated Katy fell off the bed and broke her collar bone and her humorous bone in her arm. They couldn't take her to the doctor in Nederland because they had all evacuated, so they drove to the Dallas area where they got her treated. Kathryn took her to the ER today where the diagnosis was that the bones would probably heal back nicely and that she would be ok. Kathryn also said that Katy's pain level had decrease much today. Keep them in your prayers also, because it is more than likely that their house is flooded. No one knows the extent of the damage because there is still water around their home and you can't get in to access the damage. Bryan P. (my Bryan) and Lance Howell are going to try again to go out there tomorrow to see what they can see. These are pretty hard hits all at once for them. Pray hard for our precious friends during this time. Until then...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

He clothes the lillies...

This is what I said as, I packed a few last things to evac for Ike. My children and I are in Winona, Texas with my parents. We are safe. Bryan stayed behind to help man the church gym because it is a registered shelter for storms like this. I am grateful for his heart to serve. I miss him but I know he is safe so my heart is at ease. I don't know the status of our home but it is in His hands. Whatever remains is fine...God will provide. I hope you ladies my wonderful friends will let God ease your hearts and hold you close as you concern for your family and homes. I love you guys stay safe and keep in touch. Much love to you all!

Remember as He cares for the much more does He care for you.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Yo necesito practica mi espanol!

I need to practice speaking spanish. If you have a spanish speaking friend that I can contact just to conversate in spanish pass their info along to me so I can get the practice necessary for me successfully learning this language. Thanks!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weight Loss

Weight loss has always been a constant struggle for me. There has always been very little motivation if any. So over the last five years I have been on a constant "edit" aka:diet. There has been success at times but over all there has been very little consistantcy to provide lasting results. Since we moved here I have been inspired by a beautiful woman in our church that has lost over 100 lbs. WOW! I thought she started out at my size and is now 100 lbs smaller. Just because she made up her mind that this was it and it was time to do something now. Thanks so much for your unknowing encouragment "KS."

In February Bryan and I will be married five years which is a huge accomplishment for the world today. We are proud of our marriage and we want to celebrate in many ways, one way by losing weight together and two by going on a cruise as a reward for losing weight and celebrating our marriage. We have a motivating factor in our weightloss an anniversary and a cruise. The catch is we have till December 23 to cancel the cruise and get a full refund so if we have not lost half of our goal weight by then, we are canceling our cruise. Talk about motivation! I have always wanted to go on a cruise so this is for real this time.

All that being said I need your, my friends, help because I can't do this alone. All I am asking is that if you see me cheating remind me that I have a cruise at stake. At times I will want to slip up but I may need reminding that, that cookie is not worth it. Thank you so much my friends.