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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Part 1

I want to share a bit of our story from my point-of-view. I can't write forever you would get so bored. We do not have an exciting story but we do have one.

The Meet

When I graduated I was college bound and headed to Lamar University. I had my "goals" in mind and my heart set on having a better relationship with the Lord. As I arrived both of those task began happening. I loved college life. I loved to learn and go to class. I loved to go to church and the Baptist Student Ministries (BSM) it was the spiritual explosion that happened in my life. God became more real to me in my first semester of college than He had ever been and I was raised in the church. All I knew is I was so hungry for His word and wisdom and He was satisfying my every need and desire. It was a great time. The first semester comes and goes and I have met some amazing Christian friends that I never really had while I was in high school. It was an awesome time. I didn't think it could get better. Then I met him...Bryan. We met as friends in passing, occasionally if there was no one in the cafeteria that I knew we would sit together. We were just common acquaintances, nothing special. night I was at the BSM after our worship rally in the spring semester of 2003 and I had walk there from my dorm by myself and was kinda creeped out because there had been reports of some rapes on campus and I was scared to walk home that evening by myself. So I looked around the place and no one was left that lived in the dorms but Bryan, well I walk over to him and asked him if he wouldn't mind walking with me back to the dorms because I was a little scared. Him being the polite chivalrous guy he was he gladly accepted to be my "knight in shining armor" without him even knowing that he was. LOL isn't it funny how God works everything out. As we walked we talked...about what I can't remember but I know it was a nice conversation. He was such a nice guy. As we approached the first set of doorms I expected him to veer off and go to his doorm after all I was safe now. It was lighted and gated nothing to worry about, instead he totally surprised me. I told him "see you later" he said what are you talking about, you asked me to walk you to your dorm I am going to see to it that you get there safely. WHOA! Blow me away a guy with such respect for a lady, he did not know, to make sure she was safely at her dorm out of harms way. (*First hook!) The dorms were apartment style so I invited him into our living room and we sat and talked for about 3 hours or so. Exchanged numbers and bid our goodbyes with no future of each other in mind (at least not mine). (It was love at first sight with him.) haha! I am not sure about that one but I will ask him tonight when he gets home...

To be continued


tishmommyof3 said...

Such a beautiful story :) You should post a wedding pic to go along with it !

Heather said...

Awe, how sweet! I agree...I would like to see a wedding pic! :)

Y'all are an adorable couple!!