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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hola mis amigas y mi hermanas!

I only have a few minutes before I have to be at class but I did just want to brief you on the status of my world. I have been so busy with school I have almost forgotten some of your names LOL. I miss you my wonderful friends and family. I wish so much that I was done with school but that is not reality so I have to be grateful that I am able to attend school. I have such a supportive family that really helps me succeed.


Me- Thank you for all your prayers when I was taking my first exams: God answered them I made "A's" on my first two Spanish and Pathophisiology. That is such a blessing to me to have prayer support. Weight loss. I have not lost another pound frustrating but I am not losing heart. I am lifting weights and cardio so I hope that my weight is shifting from fat to muscle and eventually the pounds will peel off. So I am holding at 9.5 pounds. Pray for our success!

Bryan- Went to Branson and had a great time with all those ladies. He had fun getting to see Branson for the first time he said it was like Vegas without the Casinos. He has lost 20 pounds don't men just make you sick sometimes? LOL

Grayson- Has been diagnosed with asthma and takes breathing treatments almost everyday if I can remember to give them to him OOPS! I feel as if I have to applogize to him at least once a day because I get frustrated at him. But thanks to the most recent parenting classes I have taken or am taking those days will become less and less. He is growing up and I am loving it. I love to see his reasoning skills and mind sharpen. What a joy it is to watch our children learn something new.

Sarah- Will be two November 29 so mark you calnedars her birthday party is set for November 22 at 2:00pm at our house. I can't believe she will be two already. She tee-teed on the potty for the first time Saturday night. I was so elated. She has not done it since but I am going to slowly potty train her and not rush progress. She will get it eventually. She is talking more and more and in complete sentences. Grayson can no longer hit her and get away with it because she can tell me now. HAHA!

Well class begins in three minutes I have to go Later girls!