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Monday, July 21, 2008

So much on my mind...

Do you ever feel as though your prayer list is so long you could never fully pray for each need as long as you want to pray for it?... Then when you are finished praying (for the moment) you realize that you left something important out of your prayer. I guess that is what it means to pray without ceasing. For me it is pray until you have not forgotten anyone or anything to pray about. I have fallen in love with prayer which for some time now has not been a love of mine. It has almost been done out of duty or necessity. (true confessions) It is not fun to confess unless God has changed your heart and rerouted your desires. I have to say on this issue He has shown me in the last couple of weeks how powerful prayer really is...not only in transforming the lives of others but, praying for others transforms my life. I am reading the book the Power of the Praying has invoked thoughts I have not ever had about prayer and the power God has in our lives. I know all this stuff and have been taught it all my life but I am just being given these epiphanies straight from the Lord and it is so refreshing. God is working in my life and doing some serious healing, construction, demolition and refreshing and I am being awakened spiritually again and it feels GOOD! Thanks God for your fresh wind in my sails. May I go in the way you would have me go. Amen

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Channing said...

Hey Sis! I just wanted to thank you for praying for me on Sunday. It really does help even if you can't see the results. I'm glad that you have found that God can be your friend, not just a figure-head. I love you!