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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Potty Training

Just to let you know I was hesitantly putting off potty training until I was ready... lol...ironic. You would think it would be when Sarah was ready but I was waiting for myself to be prepared. I didn't want the nine month battle we had with Grayson. So the day that she showed me it was not about "me" anymore was the day she tinkled in her Dora Easter bucket. I looked at Bryan and said "It's time." So I went and bought her a potty chair. If you have every potty trained a little boy with a child potty chair then you know that it is not salvageable for any other child to use after that. GROSS! Needless to say his potty found file thirteen after he was finished with it. So I was shopping at target and found that pottys ranged from 39.99 to 9.00. Who needs a fourty dollar potty chair? Anyways I grabbed one that was mid range 20.00. It made sounds for rewards when the child tinkled...cute I stickers or treats required automatic reward system. As I lapped the aisle one more time to confirm my decision I ran upon this potty for the low price of 12.99. I thought two piece assembly and cute and fun design. The best thing is she has taken to it like a pro and has had one accident since Tuesday. When you get ready to potty train, check out this potty chair it has been worth the investment so far. For mom's with boys, the child straddles the frog so there is no chance of out of control cannons :)!

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sweet jenn said...

cute post...hope it's going well for you. potty training was not a nightmare for me, but I hear that other people still't wait to hear more.