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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, April 3, 2009

If you were wondering....

I am still ALIVE!!! Now that you know that, everything is well with our family. My kids are growing up! WOW my precious son will be four in less than a month. Sarah is getting sassier every day... any remedy ideas?

School is GREAT... I really mean it. School is amazing I am learning so much about people, medicine, the body, and myself. God has shown me from the very first day of class that nursing is the field for me. I am being shown how much of a ministry nursing will be for me. I am honored to announce that my fellow class mates have elected me as BSN Class of 2011 President. Out of ninety other people I was the sole nominee for the position and am so very honored that they think that highly of me. I just hope that I can represent them with the best of my ability. So far my grades have been very good I have one "c" oops the majority of that exam was history, which I BOMBED! But my other exam grades are "A's" which I am happy about. I really feel in my heart I owe it to the people I will be caring for some day to make the best grades. They deserve my best because their lives will be in my hands one day.

I know this blog seems to be saturated with things about "me" but I wanted to catch you ladies up on the latest happenings of my life.

By the way I will be an official Aunt in about 9 days or so. My sister is going to have a baby boy named Jonah Levi. Yeah I am so excited she is going to be a fabulous mom because she is an awesome Aunt to my kids.

I just want you ladies to know that I do keep up with your blogs I just don't always have time to leave a comment or post my own blog but I really care about your lives and how God is working and moving in your lives. So please keep sharing.


The Raifords said...

Hey Michael
It is great to get to catch up with everything that is going on with you. You should be very proud - what a fantastic job! Congratulations! I know the feeling about the kids - they grow too fast. Corey just turned 13 -can you believe it! Carson is 5 and Callie turned 2 today - I feel so old!!! We are both so blessed to have our wonderful children in our lives. Miss you girl!

sweet jenn said...

I am so glad you are here in Nederland. I love you and your family so much.

God is doing great things through you both. I appreciate your attitude that "your future patients deserve your best". There needs to be more people like you in our nursing field!!

sweet jenn said...

I have an award for you!!! It's waiting on my blog.