Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers


Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I really need to post more frequently... First let me say to you, all my girl friends. I miss you so we will have to get together soon. We need to schedule a mom's night out. Heather H. we need to get that on the calendar LOL it might already be there and I can't remember LOL. Where is my brain (ie: planner). If you would keep me in your prayers tomorrow I am taking my second patho exam tomorrow. Now that I am finished rambling onto the fun stuff.

I LOVE FALL... it is such a breath of fresh air after our blistering summer. I love the colors of fall the golds, browns, REDS, oranges, greens... I love them all. I love to dress my kids for the the cool weather the look so kissy snuggly all wrapped up. Cold weather also makes for great cuddling anywhere you are. I LOVE IT.

I love the fact that around this time people begin to settle down and remember family and it's importance. Something about the holidays brings out the best in people... you see countless food drives...toy thanksgiving dinners given away...I love to see people being generous and giving to one another. Bring on the HOLIDAY SPIRIT!!!!

My sister is 17 weeks pregnant and as far and I know doing very well. Morning sickness has decreased and I am so excited for her. I love you my sister and your new baby inside you!

My Sarita (Sarah) is turning 2 in 27 days. She is amazing and so vocal. I am looking forward to her birthday party. I made a cake yesterday and when she heard I was making a cake she began to sing Happy Birthday... it was the sweetest thing!

Things are good. Love you girls!

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