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Monday, May 23, 2011

What nursing shortage?

Apparently there is not really a nursing shortage at all. I have been applying for jobs since March and have only gotten "NO" we have filled all our Graduate Nurse intership positions. Boy this is frustrating and very stressful. I want to move up to where my family is in the Dallas area but it seems like that is not working out for a job...I never in my wildest dreams imagined it to be this difficult to find a job. Everyone is trying to be encouraging and say keep you head up the right job will come through. But when you have worked so incredibly hard at a degree and then every place feels like it slaps all your effort and time in the face when it says "there is no more room for you in the INN." I don't want a job just to have a job, I am ready beyond my wildest dreams to be a nurse and get started taking care of people the way I have always dreamed of doing. I feel so empty and unfulfilled. I am just ready. I just want a position to care for people. Since we left the ministry my heart has ached to minister and this is my newest opportunity to do what I feel like I have always been called to do. I long and yearn for this...more than you know.

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Theresa Walker said...

Keep your head up...God will bless us when we least expect it! By the way, I sent my cousin (who is a Registered Nurse II- Medical Intensive Care Unit at Parkland Hospital in Dallas) a facebook note to see if she has any "insider information" about job openings.

Praying that you trust God to take away your fears. I know I have similar feelings...mine are usually more "guilt-like" in nature (very similar to fear though, I think!). Sending some love and hugs your way!!!