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Friday, March 12, 2010

Engulfing my soul

Bitterness and anger are engulfing my soul and I hate it. Where is the healing? With everyday that passes I get more and more angry. My stomach churns with each word I am typing! Just to let you know not having a church family rips part of your heart and soul out. Bleeding wound here!


MamaJ said...

((((HUGS)))) I am praying for you sister, my heart goes out to you guys. I wish I could help somehow. Jana

Jennifer said...

just a wondering. what's wrong? I totally don't understand why you guys left HBC. I didn't read Bryan's resignation letter. I have no idea why you guys moved away from us. is there any way you would let me in on what's going on?

Miss you guys so much. e-mail me if you want. I'm totally in the dark.

Becky said...

Michael, my heart hurts with you. I don't know all the circumstances that have left you broken and bitter but I am holding you up before the Father and awaiting your healing with you. Mine came in layers, over much time, but it did come - is still coming. I don't know you personally, but my dear friend Carol loves you and I came to find your blog through Micah's. And so, my sister whom I have never met, cry, scream, stomp your feet, question, grieve...and while you are hurting, know that when you don't have the words to pray, there are those who are praying for you; when you are so angry you can't look at Him, He sees you anyway; when you don't know if you want to love Him enough to press forward, He loves you enough to give you time. Hang in there. You are loved even if you feel unloving right now.
Becky James