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Friday, July 10, 2009

This is not mandatory....

or anything but I would recommend any person who reads my blog, to listen to Mandisa's new CD. There are songs on their that promote spiritual and physical healing and it has ministered to me every time I have listened to it. (which has been ALOT daily for almost two months now) None the less if you need to know how much you are loved or how Christ has set you free or paid your debt of sin or to hear from the perspective of someone you loved that has passed away listen to this CD. I promise you will not be sorry or regret the fact that you did.

by chance if you do go and listen to the CD please leave me a comment and tell me which song touched you the most.

1 comment:

melanie said...

I love this CD, and bought it with your recommendation! :) Gabbi loves it too! She desperately wants to sing "Broken Hallelujah".