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Friday, June 19, 2009

What can you make with...

One of my favorite tv characters growing up and even today was/is McGuiver. That man was incredible he could take a Swiss army knife, stick of gum, shoe string, AA battery and a bobby pin and make a stun gun out of it. I was always in awe of his inventiveness. Hoping to one day be that inventive myself so I took a shot at it last night... today is CRAZY DAY at VBS and I wanted to finally do something different for my kids so. I gathered up all the things to make Sarah a fairy princess and searched for something for Grayson to no avail...found nothing for him. So I got a wild hair to turn him into an airplane for today. But we have no AIRPLANE what is a mom to do....of course pull McGuiver and make one of course.

So I pose the question what can you make with..... a cardboard box, clear duck tape, tissue paper, cool whip bowl and lid, kinex blocks, Velcro cable ties, elastic, chalk, hot glue gun and needle and thread? Granted I had a few more tools than McG. but I have to say this turned out pretty awesome! Call me crazy...because I am...instead of studying for my exam that I have today...I was up at 10:00pm til Midnight creating such a cool costume for my awesome kid!


melanie said...

And it absolutely WAS marvelous!! You are hereby put in charge of any decorating type things I may ever need to do ... ever. It amazes me how people (like YOU) can have a vision for how something could look, and other people (like ME) ... well, it's just not so much my thing. Give me clear directions and I'm your girl. Ask me to conceptualize something? You're in trouble. LOL Grayson was ADORABLE today, as was Sarah!

Micah said...

oh wow!!! That. is. awesome! I'm sorry I missed Crazy Day :((( I got to hear all about how precious Sarah was as a fairy princess :)
Airplane man... Very Cool. I'm glad you posted pics!