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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, September 15, 2008

Latest Update

I talked to Kathryn Alvis today...I think she wouldn't mind you girls knowing and praying for their situation. The day that they evacuated Katy fell off the bed and broke her collar bone and her humorous bone in her arm. They couldn't take her to the doctor in Nederland because they had all evacuated, so they drove to the Dallas area where they got her treated. Kathryn took her to the ER today where the diagnosis was that the bones would probably heal back nicely and that she would be ok. Kathryn also said that Katy's pain level had decrease much today. Keep them in your prayers also, because it is more than likely that their house is flooded. No one knows the extent of the damage because there is still water around their home and you can't get in to access the damage. Bryan P. (my Bryan) and Lance Howell are going to try again to go out there tomorrow to see what they can see. These are pretty hard hits all at once for them. Pray hard for our precious friends during this time. Until then...


Kara said...

How terrible, but so glad she will be okay. I hope all will be well at your home. My family also had to get out of the way of Ike, what a terrible storm!

sweet jenn said...

thank you for updating about kat and bryan. it's difficult for me to know what's going on so far away (i'm in arkansas) so whatever you find out is helpful. praying for you and your family. xoxo