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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Putting Aside the Self-Doubt

So I have decided to put aside the fact that I can not write elequently like most blogs I have read. And just be me inside my blogspot. Just as a warning I do not "get"grammer. I just stink at it. Commas are my worst gramatical failure. So forgive me if, as you read my writing they drive you crazy because on the fourth line between the fifth and sixth word it needs a comma to make the sentence make sense. I will strive to become better at either comma punctuation or not writing sentences that require them sorta like. See spot run. Sentences like that are definately simple enough that even I don't think I can mess them up. LOL! Anyways I hope as you engage in reading the story of our lives you will catch a glimpse into our world as we grow, learn, change and mature into better Christians, parents, servents and spouses. Thanks for your time...until next time.

Michael Paine :)


tishmommyof3 said...

I am so glad you have a blog !!!! WOOHOO I miss you sooo much. You will always be my sister in Christ :) I pray the many blessings of God over your life.


PS check out It is addictive. Find me there tishmommyof3

Heather said...

Welcome to Blogland!!! You don't have to be eloquent, I'm certainly not! :) Happy to have you join the world of blogging! :)

MamaJ said...

Wasssuppppp homegirl???!! I will TRY TRY TRY not to mentally correct any grammatical errors I might see. I am a freakazoid, however. I go back and edit my own posts months later... I need some professional help, I know. I cannot wait to see what you write about! Smiles!